© 2019 by Mistress Paris Rose. 


Findom and all things related give me so much pleasure.  I love nothing more than cash meets and humiliating you to give your money to me.  I love being given a credit card and told to 'order what I want'.  I will rinse you thoroughly. 

I enjoy *'blackmail' and maybe those photos of you in a compromising position might get sent around your office if you don't meet me every Tuesday morning for coffee and cash filled envelopes.

I've met many a timewaster who thinks in his pathetic head he is a cash pig and he's not. Therefore, if you want me to even take you seriously, in order to do a Findom session; you must first purchase an Amazon voucher HERE.

I will soon be offering online findom sessions, whereby you can pay via Cash App whilst I drain you via Skype and make you do things you'd never dream of!

*Please note this is all for entertainment purposes and is Role Play.  You must understand this is all part of the session.